What Is Lease It Own It?

Lease IT Own ITtm is a renewable car lease with incredible consumer value perfect for just about anyone. Enjoy benefits like:

- Flexible Terms -
Using our unique Leasing Program instead of a loan allows you to renew your lease payment by payment.  If you cannot make your lease payment, simply return the car and you are not obligated for any future payments. *Under a loan agreement, you are responsible for all remaining payments minus unearned interest. *(Vehicle must be in the same condition upon return as it was at the time of lease.)

- No Sales Tax Up Front! -
In a conventional lease program or if you buy, Ohio requires ALL SALES TAX TO BE PAID UPFRONT! In the Lease It Own It program, sales tax is paid with each periodic payment as you use the vehicle.

- Lower Down Payments -
Unlike buying or conventional leasing, the Lease IT Own IT program allows you to pay the sales tax with each periodic payment as you use the vehicle.  Your down payment is lower since you do not pay the sales tax up front.

- No Credit Check -
There is no credit check with our leasing program.  One of the qualifications is that the lease payment is based on your gross monthly income.

- Early Buy Out Option -
You may buy out the lease at any time for the balance on your account.

- More Options -
Like a conventional lease, you have three options after the maximum number of renewals: You may purchase the the car for the residual value, trade in the car or return the car.

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